Technology: past, present and future

Technology: past, present and future

Technology has come a long way in the last two decades. Some devices that were in use in the late 20th century and early 2000s are now outdated.

In general, the technological products of the past focused on a few functions that they did well, and today’s innovations focus on offering more possibilities.

For example, older mobiles or “dumb phones” were only good for making calls, sending SMS and, at most, playing fairly simple games. Today, smartphones can do everything.

Pagers, also known as pagers or ‘pagers‘, were telecommunications devices that received short messages and coexisted with analogue mobile phones. Today they have been replaced by apps on smartphones.

In entertainment, items such as VHS, vinyl, cassette tapes and video games have also been replaced by free and subscription-based entertainment apps for smartphones and other devices.

If we make a compilation of these developments, we can find technological products that did not exist two decades ago and that we can hardly live without right now:

Multimedia Content
Free or subscription-based entertainment platforms to watch, share and download music, podcasts, films, series, documentaries…

Social Networking
Platforms that serve to connect people from different parts of the world and is used to share information, news, multimedia content, 24-hour stories and reels.

Instant messaging
Instant messaging applications for smartphones that allow you to chat, send photos/videos and make video calls with friends or family.

High-definition televisionsSmart TVs have a place in our living rooms to enjoy series and films in high quality.

Who would have thought that we would end up shopping online without leaving home?

Mobile phones
They have gradually taken up a space in our lives and have become an essential device in our daily lives.

The perfect device to move from side to side thanks to its size.

Google Drive
Allows users to store files in the cloud, synchronise them between devices and share them.

Google Maps
It’s the perfect application for getting from one place to another thanks to its directions.

Wireless Headphones
The problem of tangled headphone wires is a thing of the past with wireless headphones nowadays.

An app forevery service in your life
There are apps for monitoring your health, exercising, buying clothes online, listening to music, meeting people, among online, listen to music, meet people, among others.

Smart watches
They provide health information, offer workouts, display the time and date, can be linked to a mobile phone and some are able to respond to calls or messages.

It is the mainstay of our lives when we are connected to the net.

In short, the great revolution we have seen in the last decade is that of mobile devices, in which we have gone from being able to do three things to having everything at our fingertips.

New technologies of the future

The new technologies of the future are living with us in our present. The technological changes that have taken place in recent years have revolutionised various sectors, from the productive to the domestic.

The future is not predicted, but created with today’s technologies. The technologies that are creating that future are Blockchain technology, smart contracts, cryptocurrencies, web 3, artificial intelligence (AI)…

A few years ago we imagined a future full of holograms, robots with their own identity, hyperconnectivity and houses controlled by voice commands… and so it has happened! And so it has happened! In fact, it has probably happened faster than we expected.

We are in a constant acceleration of innovation and technology where we must be prepared and walk in that direction. Are you ready?

The new technologies of the future are living with us in our present. The technological changes that have taken place in the last few years have revolutionised various sectors, from the productive to the domestic. The future starts NOW.


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