First Ethereum smartphones sell out in 24 hours

First Ethereum smartphones sell out in 24 hours

The pre-sale of a smartphone based on Ethereum (ETH) turned out to be a great success. The first 50 mobile devices with an operating system based on the smart contract network sold out within 24 hours.

The “Ethereum Phone” is based on the Google Pixel 7a and comes with a unique open-source operating system: ethOS. It is short for the Ethereum operating system, but it also means “character” in Greek.

The Ethereum smartphone

The devices are distinguished from other Web3 smartphones by the integrated Ethereum thin client. This feature allows the ethOS operating system to independently validate blocks, making the device a “lightweight node” in the Ethereum network.

The Ethereum smartphone has several built-in tools for managing payments and receiving and sending messages. In addition, the mobile device includes integration for Ethereum Name Services (ENS), allowing users to make payments more easily.
Moreover, it supports Ethereum Virtual Machines (EVM) and Layer 2 scalability networks.

Smartphone Ethereum “ethOS”. Image source: X (Twitter)

Ethereum smartphones only available through NFT

Only 50 mobile devices were available during the pre-order. To qualify for the purchase of these Ethereum smartphones, interested buyers had to purchase a non-fungible token (NFT) of ethOS. They could burn or destroy it to reserve their phone.

A post on X (Twitter) alerted users to fake NFTs on OpenSea, the largest NFT trading platform.
Some ethOS NFTs are selling on OpenSea for 3 ETH, or almost $5,000. Compared to the regular Google Pixel 7a, which sells for $499 in the US, that’s a 10x difference.

ethOS NFT. Image source: OpenSea

Competition in the mobile Web3 space

While the Ethereum smartphone pre-sale has been a huge success, the Solana (SOL) smartphone has had a less successful start. Only just over 2,000 units have been sold since its launch, according to Flipside records.

To boost sales of user-friendly Solana phones, Solana Labs recently lowered the price from $1,000 to $599. The price reduction followed the announcement of the Ethereum

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