Which sectors accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment?

Which sectors accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment?

A new study by crypto-tax software CoinLedger revealed that the retail and e-commerce sector has the highest number of companies offering the option to buy via cryptocurrencies.

The study compiled a list of more than 300 large companies known to accept cryptocurrency methods and categorised them into industries, to discover which contains the most companies offering cryptocurrencies as a payment method.

Retail and e-commerce ranked first, with a total of 60 companies accepting cryptocurrency payments. The sector includes clothing and accessories retailers such as Adidas, Yankee Candle and H&M, as well as online shopping platforms such as Etsy.

Second on the list is the Food & Dining sector with 54 companies. Examples include Chipotle, Chuck E Cheese’s, Domino’s and Hard Rock Café, and delivery services such as DoorDash and Uber Eats. Gradually, different services are becoming available in different countries: Burger King Venezuela has been accepting Bitcoin payments since 2020.

Luxury retail comes in third place, with 35 companies offering the service, including high fashion brands Gucci and Ralph Lauren, luxury watch retailer Hublot, as well as jewellers such as Jewelry Affairs and CRM Jewelers.

Further down the list, Travel & Hospitality ranks fourth, with 31 companies accepting crypto payments. They range from commercial airlines, such as Norwegian Air and Vueling, to private jet charters, such as Fast Private Jet, LunaJets and PrivateFly.

Cruise lines Royal Caribbean and Princess Cruises are also on the list, as well as travel organisation help sites such as GetYourGuide.

The top five close with Internet and Online Services companies, as 28 accept cryptocurrency as a payment method. These companies offer a service available to use online on our phones and laptops, such as Google Play and Spotify, and various VPN services such as CyberGhostVPN, ExpressVPN and FrootVPN.

Top 10 industries offering cryptocurrencies as a payment method:

David Kemmerer, co-founder and CEO of CoinLedger, commented on the findings.

“The growing number of businesses accepting cryptocurrency payments reflects the growing acceptance and adoption of digital currencies in the mainstream economy. This trend not only aligns with the changing preferences of tech-savvy consumers, but also offers benefits such as reduced transaction fees and increased security. From large retailers to small businesses, the diversification of sectors adopting cryptocurrencies demonstrates the versatility and potential of blockchain technology. As this trend continues, it is likely to contribute to greater acceptance of cryptocurrencies as a legitimate form of payment, paving the way for a more decentralised and accessible financial landscape.”

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Source: Cointelegraph

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