Business with the “better half”

Business with the “better half”

In health and entrepreneurship: start-ups are also a couple thing

This type of projects that unite the professional and the emotional are driven by complicity and a common vision, but they face the difficulty of disconnecting and investors’ misgivings about the scenario that opens up if love breaks down.

If finding the right business idea is complicated, finding the right team to put it into practice is a headache for many entrepreneurs, which is why they often turn to their circle of trust: family, work colleagues, friends and even their partner. After all, if out of millions of people, they have chosen that person to share their life with, why not promote a professional project together? With this reasoning in mind, the Spanish business ecosystem is seeing a growing number of companies headed by people in love with each other.

Today we share with you the interview published on 30/04/2023 in the ABC newspaper to the founders of EurocoinPay, Herminio Fernández and Marisa De La Fuente.If you want to read the full article here you have the link.

Marisa De La Fuente and Herminio Fernández

«We thought that together we could create and manage the company better than separately»

It was a trip to the United States that awakened Herminio Fernández‘s interest in blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Back in our country, both he and his wife, Marisa De La Fuente, left their jobs to focus fully on EurocoinPay, a company that has an online platform and mobile application through which you can make payments and immediate transactions with any cryptocurrency in just a few seconds. “We thought that together we could create and run the company better than separately“, justifies Fernández, who holds the position of CEO while his wife is in charge of management and administration. “The shares are 100% ours, so all the responsibility falls on us, which is a very important lever of trust within the marriage“, they say.

Fernández explains that he travels regularly and does so with complete peace of mind because, if anything unexpected happens, “I am confident that Marisa will take up the gauntlet and the company will continue to operate without any problems“. Like the other entrepreneurs, she admits that they hardly have time to switch off because they dedicate a lot of hours to the business. “We don’t have time to argue – he says – because we get home tired from the effort it takes to run a technology company from León and position it in the technological universe“.

Nobody said that setting up a business with a spouse is easy. Investors, in fact, take a close look at this type of project, which is exposed to greater risk if the relationship ends badly. Despite this, in health and entrepreneurship… start-ups are also a matter for couples.


Disclaimer: The information set out herein should not be taken as financial advice or investment recommendations. All investments and trading involve risk and it is the responsibility of each individual to do their due diligence before making any investment decision.

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