“Bitcoin Myths”: Tracking down Satoshi Nakamoto

“Bitcoin Myths”: Tracking down Satoshi Nakamoto

  • Is the creator of Bitcoin dead?
  • Has the creator of Bitcoin always been in front of us?
  • What if Satoshi Nakamoto had already shown his true face?
  • What are the opinions for and against these hypotheses?

Finding out who the mysterious creator of Bitcoin is is a difficult task, in fact, today we will tell you about several of the existing hypotheses and a list of possible identities of Satoshi Nakamoto:

Elon Musk

The journey of the Tesla billionaire is one of the success stories that inspires dreamers both in terms of technology and the world of entrepreneurship.

Elon Musk is behind 9 great innovations that in one way or another have shaped the day to day history of mankind. Would Elon Musk have also created Bitcoin?

After all his prowess, it would be tempting to associate the billionaire with the invention of Bitcoin, especially as he is a computer genius and a great libertarian, the philosophy embodied in Satoshi Nakamoto’s piece.

Musk is a big fan of cryptocurrencies. He even adopted one of the pieces from the market and made it his favourite. The “Dogefather”, as he calls himself, did not miss the opportunity to hail and sell the merits of the meme cryptocurrency. Many believe he will make Dogecoin the official currency of Twitter.

The truth is that Elon Musk is not the developer of Bitcoin and he said so himself in an interview with CNBC in 2014.

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Steve Jobs

Although nobody knows who the real Satoshi is, one thing is certain: the person is closely related to Japanese culture.

It is common knowledge that Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, loves Japanese culture and has travelled to the Japanese city of Kyoto several times during his life. He also attended the Japanese Soto school of Zen Buddhism and adopted many practices from Sony’s factories in Japan in the 1980s.

On 5 April, blogger Andy Baio revealed in a post that every Apple Mac computer with the latest macOS software has a hidden copy of the Bitcoin whitepaper.

The discovery caused uproar and speculation among Bitcoin and Apple fans. However, while there is a belief that a Bitcoin maximalist employed by Apple added the document, there is also talk of the possibility that Steve Jobs is Satoshi Nakamoto.

It is possible, if implausible, that Jobs is the creator of Bitcoin, but what is clear is that both Jobs and Satoshi have a lot of experience in the technology industry.

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Craig Wright

Craig Steven Wright is an Australian computer scientist born in Brisbane. Little is known about his professional and academic background.

Craig Wright stands out within the crypto ecosystem as one of the first people to claim to be Satoshi Nakamoto. It all started in 2015, when two US media outlets, Wired and Gizmondo, published an investigation suggesting that he was indeed the creator of Bitcoin.

In May 2019, Craig Wright granted himself the rights to the Bitcoin whitepaper by registering it with the authorities. Since then, he has not hesitated to sue anyone who denies his link to the creator of the famous cryptocurrency.

On the side of the general public, as well as on the side of researchers, it is unlikely that Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto.

For many in the crypto sphere, Craig Wright’s mistakes have repeatedly shown that he was not the creator of the famous orange cryptocurrency. Similarly, the judges who heard his last defamation trial did not recognise his identity.

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Paul Allen

Paul Allen was an American computer scientist born in Seattle in 1953. He took his first steps in the new technology sector at a very young age.

Bill Gates and Paul Allen, friends since their teenage years and passionate about computers, founded Microsoft in 1975.

Paul Allen never spoke publicly about Satoshi Nakamoto or cryptocurrencies.

For many, his status as a computer genius and his programming skills would make him quite capable of having invented Bitcoin.

At the time of writing, no serious expert or public figure has claimed that Paul Allen could be the most wanted man in the industry.

It is clear that the link between Bitcoin’s creator and the billionaire computer scientist has more to do with speculation than concrete truth.

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Dorian Nakamoto

Little is known about Dorian Nakamoto.

His birth date has not been publicly disclosed, but it is believed to be around 1950.

In 2014, Dorian Nakamoto’s life changed dramatically after Newsweek identified him in one of his articles as the mysterious father of Bitcoin. Since then, it has been a recurring figure in crypto and even attends certain events that meet the industry actors.

Leaving no mystery about his identity, Dorian Nakamoto immediately claimed that he was not Satoshi Nakamoto and that he would not have been aware of Bitcoin’s existence until 2014.

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Conclusions on existing hypotheses:

Who founded this revolutionary monetary system that wants to transform the order of global finance?

Many people have been associated with the creation of Bitcoin. Some impostors even claimed to be Satoshi Nakamoto, the famous character behind the cryptocurrency.

While it is true that there are some clues as to the identity of the creator(s), so far, no researcher has been able to establish concrete evidence that would allow them to discover the founder of BTC.

The mystery of the person or persons behind Bitcoin remains unsolved.

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